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Wilcommen, Bien Venue, Welcome...

Greetings, mon petite outré risqué pomme d'terre frits, to that peculiar little pit stop on the Information Super Goat Path so affectionately known to some as the "Shoppe Troll's Barbarian Boutique", the "Lundepumpkin Patch", or the "Baskin Robbins of Wrong", but mostly as the Lundegaard Armoury Web Hovel & Cyber Foundry.

You may notice that Cyber Foundry is a little lighter than it used to be, but that is about to change: The Armoury is waking up! The RENovations to our new workshoppe are more than half finished and we've been breaking in the system with some daggers just to make sure we remember how & still keep all our digits in the process. We'll post up new pointy confections as we produce them over the coming months. Meanwhile, our usual selection of buttons, pins, coins, and of course, the usual guild madness (including replacement pins) is still available and eager for your attentions. Plus a few new foolish pins you might not recognize as well...

The overhaul, as well as the pseudo-hiatus, has been long overdue, and this down-time gave us a chance to regain some sanity (not too much sanity, don't worry!), recharge our batteries, and come up with new and fabulous items from the depths of my fevered imagination.

The forthcoming Lundegaard changes will include a more varied menu of madness, a new website, links to video shenanigans and other goodies. Please do stay tuned - you won't be disappointed.

Off like a prom dress,
Lars E. Lunde - Hiltsmith & Guild Major Domo
Lundegaard Armoury

  Featured products
roguepin-sm.jpg The International Brotherhood of Rogues, Scoundrels and Cads
Price: $47.00

privapin11661558974582207939fe8.jpg The International Fellowship of Royal Privateers
Price: $48.00

wenchpin3.jpg The International Wenches Guild
Price: $47.00

merc-pinsm.jpg The Renaissance Mercenaries Guild
Price: $44.00


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