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The 4000th Wench is...     Date added: 04/18/2011
  Congratulations Karen "Bones" Tibbets of Pennsylvania Local #9! Guess who's got two thumbs and is gettin' a sexy new IWG T-shirt & special certificate? YOU!

Who will be Wench #4000?     Date added: 03/31/2011
  We are rapidly approaching IWG ID#4000... who would have foreseen such a thing? When we started this ball of bodaciousness rolling almost 16 years ago, Patricia & I just wanted to create a rally point for like-minded Women of Attitude and the International Wenches Guild rapidly developed a life & mind of it's own. (As one should expect, frankly...) I think the recipient of #4000 will get a special certificate along with a new IWG t-shirt & some fancy engraving on her pin. What say YOU?

Summer of my dissing discontent, yo.     Date added: 08/26/2010
  Seriously, my retirement plan involves a gallon of aviation fuel, a long boat & a match. Till then, here's the scoop: The Workshoppe/Armoury is back up: Well, mostly. (like Giger Aliens come out at night... mostly. THAT kind of "mostly"...) My kids & I (yeah, my son Matthew & daughter Anastasia), along with a new "apprentice" (aka shoppetroll/op) or two are working on waxes in prep for a pour in the next week. And they are all pretty much customized versions of familiar hilts & pommels, with interesting details I think you all may find amusing. Got some funky versions of Oakshotte & Changeling rapiers in the pipeline. As items become available, they will turn up in our "Cache of the Day" page on the site (to debut in later September...) NYRF is up: We have 5 more weekends of the Faire in Tuxedo NY ( and anything coming out of the Workshoppe will go in there first. Stop by for some metallic silliness and maybe a fruit smoothie if you catch me in the Boothe. Remember: The Guild Hall is available for all Guild Members to come back stage for a rest, secure storage & general hospitality. And it's PIRATE Weekend coming up 8/28 & 29! Yarrrrr, etc etc. NEW PINS: I have finally managed to do some sculpting amid all the renovations to the shoppe, boothe & outside jobs getting in the way. (Stoopid life needing me to make money to pay bills... grrr...) Along with some new pins for pure snarkery ("Blow Me" ( ), Eat Me ( ), and the massive Raspberry Jester ( )), there are some little pins for Cat People (not Paul Schrader or STD... & ), but FINALLY the Barbarian Horde ( ) and "Fey Guild" are accepting applicants! Strange & wondrous times! Summer's here and the time is right for dancing in the streets. Watch out for traffic, though. I worry about you sometimes... In extremis, Lars

2008 IWG Wench of the Year & IBRSC Rogue of the Year Nominations     Date added: 12/05/2008
  The official 2008 IWG Wench of the Year & IBRSC Rogue of the Year Nominations are as follows:

Wench of the Year
MCL Nikki “Ysobelle” Cohen, ID#111 of Local 9
MCL Alison “Snipe” Gianotto, ID#4 of Local 69
MCL Robin “Buxom Wench” Christ, ID#3026 of Local 69 North
MCL Beth “Paradox” Ward, ID#2742 of Local 34.5
MCL Michelle “Columbina” Shultz, ID#309 of Local 42

Rogue of the Year
John “Broadfoot” Hardy, ID#470 of the Fairhaven South Pack
Dave “Freebird” Barden, ID#1469 of the Scarborough Pack
Harold “Sergi Karento” Freundlich, ID#105 of the Silver Leaf Pack
Kevin “Rae” Perkins, ID#422 of the New Market Pack
Leland “Pathos” Pippin, ID#786 of the Sterling Forest Pack Robert “Cyrano DeBoberac” Amini, ID#444 of the Sterling Forest Pack

You can see that we had so many nominees that I couldn't limit your options to just 3, so now you have a buffet of booty to choose from. I’m opening voting NOW to give everyone the chance to campaign and get their votes in. Only Lundegaard Guild members can vote, but they can be from ANY of our Guilds. Send your vote to with the header “WOTY ROTY VOTE” and may the best knowingly naughty persons win!

Wench & Rogue of the Year Nominations due!     Date added: 11/18/2008
  Who's yer Ren Daddy... or Mommy? I'm accepting nominations for the 2008 Wench Of The Year & 2008 Rogue Of The Year, so put your thinking muffin caps on. You need to send me 3 things: Your name, your nomination(s) for one or both and a few short sentences about why these rugged individuals deserve the title. Please send them to me at with the header "WOTY ROTY" no later than midnight of November 30th, 2008. The 3 most popular nominations will be posted here & on the Guild websites soon after, with open voting from December 17th till Xmess Eve and winners announced just before New Years Eve. Awards, shwag & curious titles will be bestowed, accolades accumulated, hubris haltered and bragging rights secured for a whole insufferable year. Imagine the wicked, smarmy power!

Price increase looming!     Date added: 09/16/2008
  That price increase I mentioned a couple months ago is looming nie, folks. October 1st will see ALL pewter pins going up about $3.50 each. If you ever thought of wanting to join up with a Guild, now would be the time to save a few dollars. I will make as much stock available as I can for the next 2 weeks to make this happen. In happier news, we're getting closer to having the workshop functional, so it promises to be a somewhat productive winter!

One More thing... the Shoppe Move Finally Happened!     Date added: 05/31/2008
  Yes, there will be a Shoppe again. We just moved the last of the machinery and materials from the NYRF site to our "new" home in Monroe, NY and will be setting up shop over the next few months, including all of Snipe's forging gear. Don't expect full-on sword production, as we really want to tackle new & unique works, but what ever we produce will be offered to those of you on the mailing list weeks before we post them anywhere else. You are our peeps, after all...

Recession? NO! REALLY?!!     Date added: 05/31/2008
  Hi Gang. So, there will be some changes coming in the price structure of Guild packets coming due in a few months. The cost of pewter production has skyrocketed almost as badly as fuel costs (the U.S. imports most of its tin, a primary component of pewter, from countries like China and well, we all know how well THAT trade relationship is going...), SO, as of September 30th 2008, all Guild pin prices will be going up about $3.50 per piece on the average. Now, in a related matter; many of you know the problems we here at Guild Central Station have been having with booklet printing since our old printing house of 20 years went out of business and finding a replacement house that can print for even a vaguely similar price has proven almost impossible. With this in mind, on Sept. 30, we're making booklets optional only for IWG & IBRSC packets, only including PDF downloads in the purchase price. This will actually LOWER the price of these two Guild fees slightly below the aforementioned price increase for PDF ONLY orders. For those of you wishing to have hard copies of the Handbooks or Guild Songbook, there will be an improved, hard cover version you can order from one of the on-line publishers we're looking at, but expect it to be in the $7 to $10 dollar range. Eek. BUT, we will re-edit them to add COLOR images to give the books more bang for your buck. Times are going to be financially tough on us as a nation for a while and we hope you can forgive us for making these adjustments to keep us solvent and able to help support the Guild community we all enjoy so much. Be well & we hope to see you down the road.

Some Guild Memberships Re-Opened     Date added: 10/31/2007
  Good news, everyone! We are re-opening some of the guilds for new memberships at this time. New memberships will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. When the guild packets are sold out, they will be listed as Out of Stock on the website until new pins are made. Once new pins are made, we will update the inventory on the website, and memberships can be purchased again.

By selling only what we have in-stock at the time, we hope to prevent the kinds of extensive delays we have experienced in the past - which keeps the customers happy and keeps the Lunde a little less stressed.

While we know it will be very tempting for you to email and ask when things will be in stock again, we ask that you try to resist the temptation. Pins will be made available as often as we can reasonably keep up with things - and we're working on a website tweak that will allow you to be notified when something is back in stock.

Attention ALL Guild Members!     Date added: 02/20/2007

The first phase of the Lundegaard Guild Management area is LIVE.  Please go to and create your account if you are a current guild member.

1. Right now, the only guilds represented are the IWG, IBRSC, IFRP, and Mercs. We will be adding the other guilds shortly, but these are the biggest guilds we have, so they came first. If you are not a member of one of those four guilds, this call to action doesn't yet apply to you. Hang tight - your time will come soon.

2. There WILL be errors. We will fix them.

3. Sign-in does not currently work.  HOWEVER, the most important part - the part where you *activate* your account by creating a login and updating your contact information - DOES work, and that's the part Iwe're asking you to participate in at this time.

4. There are some goodies we are planning that will ONLY be available to guild members who have created an account.

5. We will NEVER sell, rent or give away your information, and we will never send you junk you didn't ask for.

6. If you try to create an account and it cannot find a match to your information:
If you're a member of multiple guilds, try using the information for an alternate guild and see if it works. If it doesn't, you'll have to e-mail us (the email addy is on the account creation page). Most likely, one of a few things happened:

A) We spelled your last name wrong
B) Your last name isn't what it used to be
C) The guild ID you think is assigned to you is not actually assigned to you
D) We're missing information about you
E) You just joined recently and we haven't added you to the master database yet
F) Some combination of the above

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