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Filmmaking . Photography . Editorial . Design . Illustration .  Pancakes

If a picture says a thousand words then we must have A FRICKIN' LOT to say... and by "we", I mostly mean "I". I'm Lars Elling Lunde and I am the primary moving farce behind Lundegaard Imageforge. This does not necessarily mean I can do EVERYTHING here (at least, not at the same time), as  (depending on the project & budget) I have a terrific cadre of talented, inventive and VETTED veteran production cohorts just a phone call away. As the ever-powerful PRODUCTION TRIANGLE ( Better. Cheaper. Faster. Pick Two. ) doth dictate, I can have ACs, G&E, MUAs, ADs, A1s, EFX and pretty much any other abbreviation from A to Z on the job PDQ. But, if it's something on the DL side of budgeting that requires the work of one person, then that person

is ME.

Having spent the better part of my life behind one camera or another when not glued to a drawing desk designing things both great & small, I find the best projects are usually the ones where I get to take clients ideas and expand them to fill The Big Picture. I've built medieval taverns, shot a wind generator installation in a blizzard, been attacked by a Fisher Cat (giant angry weasel-thing, look it up) scouting a shot in a swamp, choreographed fights for vampire lesbian kick-boxers and shot 2nd Unit in a haunted WW2 submarine, among other things. There are a lot of ways to tell the story and I use every, single one, baby. So warm up the Earl Grey and let's get to work!

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